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Apprentice Training

Winders Electricals’ management team are passionate about ensuring the next generation of Electricians get the Highest quality of training which was once offered to every Electrician, therefore we recruit electrical Apprentices every year and have a strong track record of retaining apprentices on completion of their apprenticeships, with approximately 75% of our workforce being trained through our Apprenticeship training program in conjunction with JTL, Leicester College & Loughborough College.

Winders Electrical offer apprenticeships to young and enthusiastic individuals who we feel can excel within the Electrical Contracting Industry and to achieve their own personal goals of becoming Qualified Electricians. 

Through our in-house training program, dedicated training facility and excellent Electrical mentors we feel that apprentice training provides the best opportunity to new apprentices and ensures that the standards insisted on by Winders Electrical can be maintained to ensure the highest standards of installations to our clients now, and for years to come.

Winders Electrical have always offered apprentice’s the opportunity to excel with in the Electrical industry – and we always will.


Employee Training

To ensure we are fully compliant with all Health and Safety legislation, all our workforce is competent and receive full training to deliver our projects with safety at the forefront of our processes. 

All operatives training is detailed in a training matrix, to ensure all training is kept up to date and provides our clients with the peace of mind that our staff are trained and competent in delivery of all projects.


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